LA Poem III—The Missing Beloved

Jeannie grew in Los Angeles
El Segundo by LAX
In a two bedroom, one bath
Underneath the flight path

Where anything she had to say
Was punctuated by
Interrupted by
Shaped by that roar night and day.

Living under the halogens
The jet roar in the music
The smog, the grit in the air
How did she grow up so beautiful and serene

She who became a star
Winked out of my firmament
Drifted into the night sky
Dissipated in the not so thin air.

El Segundo at night glows like a jewel
The jet’s roar a night song, a lullaby.

2004, Laura Mello


2 Responses to “LA Poem III—The Missing Beloved”

  1. paukaapress Says:

    Part of this poem is missing. I will revise it soon.

  2. Hattie Says:

    Fixed it.

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