LA Poem IV

Darling, I never miss you
But we traveled there someway
Loving and existing on the
Highway to LA
(In a two-seater Datsun)

101 or Highway One
It took us just one day
To travel all those miles
From Berkeley to LA

We stayed on the beach
With some friends of yours, I think.
We did a lot of talking and we
Had a lot to drink.
They were lawyers like you.
Their carpet was gray
They did not live in Santa Monica yet;
It was early in LA
(1969 I think.)

After we drove home
You dropped me and likewise
The car we traveled in
Told me you could do better
And I’m sure you did.
A BMW, perhaps a Mercedes Benz.

2004, Laura Mello


2 Responses to “LA Poem IV”

  1. gigihawaii Says:

    Laura’s poems touch my heart. Why don’t you add an author’s bio?

  2. paukaapress Says:

    Gigi: I have some projects, such as linking this blog to my other one and posting the rest of Laura’s poems at the rate of one poem a day.
    She doesn’t know I am re-publishing her poems yet. I will contact her and ask her for a bio.
    Disclosure: She is my sister!

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