LA Poem VI

It’s as if LA moved to us
Because we wouldn’t move there.
Night after night the waves of cars
Pass by my bedroom window.
I hear the hiss of tires on the pavement
Closer, closer then gone into the future.
Carrying its anonymous, pulsing,
Cargo of souls, flesh and hopes
Of longing in the belly.

How can I sleep?
How can I rest?
LA never sleeps, it glows
And its glow stains the moon
A bloodier version of “Harvest Gold.”

How can anyone dream
In that pulsing amorphous mass
Of freeways and little houses
Each crammed with infinite cramped longing?

2004 Laura Mello


2 Responses to “LA Poem VI”

  1. gigihawaii Says:

    you could say the same about New York City, where I lived for 5-1/2 years!

    I also lived in an apartment near UCLA far from the street, so I did not experience street noise as you did.

  2. paukaapress Says:

    I have to order the other books in your memoirs.

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