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This is a blog which I’m using to study work press. Let’s see how I link to another blog. This should not be hard.

Let’s post and see what happened.

Simplicity itself.



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Just seeing how the photo function works on word press.

LA Poem IX

8:40 pm02

As a child I dreamed
My bed was surrounded by Angels
Planning my future
Very much afraid
I squeezed my eyes tight, tighter
Somehow I slept
I’m older now but
I’m still afraid of Los Angeles.

2004, Laura Mello

LA Poem VI

8:40 pm02

It’s as if LA moved to us
Because we wouldn’t move there.
Night after night the waves of cars
Pass by my bedroom window.
I hear the hiss of tires on the pavement
Closer, closer then gone into the future.
Carrying its anonymous, pulsing,
Cargo of souls, flesh and hopes
Of longing in the belly.

How can I sleep?
How can I rest?
LA never sleeps, it glows
And its glow stains the moon
A bloodier version of “Harvest Gold.”

How can anyone dream
In that pulsing amorphous mass
Of freeways and little houses
Each crammed with infinite cramped longing?

2004 Laura Mello

LA Poem IV

8:40 pm02

Darling, I never miss you
But we traveled there someway
Loving and existing on the
Highway to LA
(In a two-seater Datsun)

101 or Highway One
It took us just one day
To travel all those miles
From Berkeley to LA

We stayed on the beach
With some friends of yours, I think.
We did a lot of talking and we
Had a lot to drink.
They were lawyers like you.
Their carpet was gray
They did not live in Santa Monica yet;
It was early in LA
(1969 I think.)

After we drove home
You dropped me and likewise
The car we traveled in
Told me you could do better
And I’m sure you did.
A BMW, perhaps a Mercedes Benz.

2004, Laura Mello

LA Poem III—The Missing Beloved

8:40 pm02

Jeannie grew in Los Angeles
El Segundo by LAX
In a two bedroom, one bath
Underneath the flight path

Where anything she had to say
Was punctuated by
Interrupted by
Shaped by that roar night and day.

Living under the halogens
The jet roar in the music
The smog, the grit in the air
How did she grow up so beautiful and serene

She who became a star
Winked out of my firmament
Drifted into the night sky
Dissipated in the not so thin air.

El Segundo at night glows like a jewel
The jet’s roar a night song, a lullaby.

2004, Laura Mello

To Cobalt

8:40 am02

That birds can fly is a miracle
Under the arching sky.
That goldfinches roll
Hummingbirds dive
The mockingbirds chant
From their high perches.

Rooted as I am
My cat takes pity
And brings me one for a snack.
“Flying is not everything,”
says my well-coordinated beauty
With her cobalt eyes and sharp claws.

“Take me for instance.
“My patience is legendary,
“My legs are like coiled steel
“My teeth sharp
“The mice squeak in my paws,
“And the birds, oh the little birds are
“My favorites–little jewels of the air!”

2004, Laura Mello

Hello world!

8:40 pm02

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!